I am Nikoletta Szabo – Hungarian artist and entrepreneur. I was born on 16th of March 1982.

I showed interest in art at a very young age and started drawing and painting when I was 13 years old. But my career took me to a different direction.

I graduated with a bachelor degree in Economics and Finance from Corvinus University and worked as an accountant in the accounting department of one the biggest professional service firms in Hungary. I had a very successful career but it did not bring me an inner satisfaction because I could not express my creativity.

Thus, I decided to make a shift in my life and moved to London long time ago. I understood how important is to practice as much as possible, experimenting with a variety of media, study examples of art and learn about the advanced techniques in many art forms.

In most of my paintings, I use oil on canvas to capture beauty and moments of true feeling. I am inspired by pretty much everything around me: nature, people, architecture, landscapes. My paintings are characterized by an extraordinary ability to narrate, accompanied by an impeccable artistic style.

I believe that a real piece of art can only be created if three elements are in full harmony: perfect conception, faultless technique of painting, and deep emotional involvement with the subject of painting. And in my art I reach this harmony.

High professionalism helps me in effortless and fine expression of my ideas. Combination of skill and talent is a reliable ground for any further creative endeavour.

I created my own expression mark which I implement both outside and inside. The use of various different techniques and the application of different layers of oil paint and brushwork help to create a feeling of a delicate touch in my paintings. My paintings make impression of a fresh wind, bringing back to the world the art of joy, elegance and beauty.


I always keep on studying, I always feel the need to grow and perfect my art skills, so I usually dedicates a lot of my time for studying old and new techniques. I might consider myself to still be a student because I never stop learning, but that does not make me any less professional.

I am really interested in studying Contemporary Art and I think it is very important to learn it because it embraces the idea that art is not separate from life or the world we live in. Art is all about skill acquired by practice, study, or observation.

I am very grateful for my husband who encouraged and cheered me as I took on a task that had always been a dream: to express my creativity through painting.  Also, I would like to thank Mathew Solly for helping me reach my potential and, Veronica Palade who helped with content writing.

Reference: Saatchi Gallery.